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– an initiative of the Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan Division.

If you care about disease prevention here’s your chance to make a difference. The Canadian Cancer Society advocates for healthy public policies that make healthy choices easier. Governments have played an important role in cancer prevention by adopting, for example, bylaws that protect citizens for cancer-causing substances such as second-hand smoke.

The tools and information on this website are intended to empower you. By voting for health, you can send a message to your government that health is important to you. Join the converstation and share what you are doing to fight back. Engage your policital candidates and find out where they stand on the issues.

Vote for health on OCotber 24, 2012

Latest Issue

Provincial Policy Position: The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that the provincial government restrict youth under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning equipment.

There is no safe way to get a tan and indoor tanning has been declared a known carcinogen that causes cancer. Indoor tanning increases your risk of the most serious type of skin cancer, melanoma, by 59% when used before the age of 35.

All parties should make a commitment to pass legislation ensuring youth are protected against he harmful and unnecessary risks of indoor tanning.

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WHAT YOU CAN DO: Ask your school board if they have reported where asbestos is in your school, what precautions they take when restorations are underway, and encourage them to provide timely and up-to-date information for the online registry.

Municipal Issues     Provincal Issues
Smoke-free outdoor spaces

Smoking in select outdoor spaces, such as parks and playgrounds, can be detrimental to both our health and the health of the environment. Read more...
Tobacco Control

Funding needs to be increased to the initiatives under the province's Tobacco Control Strategy. Read more...
Cosmetic Pesticides

There is serious concern about the use of non-essential or cosmetic pesticides on private and public spaces. Read more...
Indoor Tanning

There is no safe way to get a tan and indoor tanning has been declared a known carcinogen that causes cancer. Read more...

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Be a champion and refrain from using chemicals on your lawn – post a 'pesticide free sign'.