Election Issues

All levels of governments have the power to positively affect the health of their citizens; more importantly, they have an obligation to do so.

The Canadian Cancer Society acknowledges the important role governments play in disease prevention and health protection. Adopting legislation that restricts smoking in public places, for example, protects people – in particular children – from exposure to harmful second-hand tobacco smoke. Working with governments, we can support the implementation of such policies, helping prevent cancer and improve the lives of those living with the disease.

Our goal is to educate potential leaders about these important health issues and encourage them to support healthy public policy. Our goal is also to empower you, the voter, to act in the best interest of your health and that of your family, and to expect the same from your provincial government. By Voting For Health, you can send a message that health is important to you.

The Canadian Cancer Society advocates for healthy public policies that make the healthy choice, the easy choice. Join the fight against cancer and Vote For Health.

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Political Parties
Find a candidate in your area, visit the parties websites to find out more information on who is running.

Tobacco Control
Reporting of asbestos in all public buildings needs to be a mandatory part of the online registry in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is the first province in Canada to set up an on-line registry for reporting asbestos in public buildings; however there are no legal requirements for schools, health care facilities, and other public places to submit a list of their buildings to that registry.

With your support, bill (27) 604 would change that. Bill 604 has received second reading.

Tobacco Control
Funding needs to be increased to the initiatives under the province's Tobacco Control Strategy. Read more...

Cosmetic Pesticides
There is serious concern about the use of non-essential or cosmetic pesticides on private and public spaces. Read more...

Indoor Tanning
There is no safe way to get a tan and indoor tanning has been declared a known carcinogen that causes cancer. Read more...