The Municipal general election was held on October 24, 2012. Below is the elected Mayor and City Council. For more information on the City Council, please visit the City of Saskatoon website.

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Smoke-free Parks Ban smoking on playgrounds. Smoke-free Festival Ban smoking on municipal property used for public gatherings.
Smoke-free Sports Fields Ban smoking in sports fields.
(e.g. soccer pitches, baseball diamonds, etc)
Cosmetic Pesticides Ban the use of pesticides.
Smoke-free Bleachers Ban smoking in Fixed seating or bleachers. (e.g. stadiums) Cosmetic Pesticides Survey results.

Click on the survey icon to see the comments from the city council members.
City Council Members Smoke-free Parks Smoke-free Sports Fields Smoke-free Bleachers Smoke-free Festival Cosmetic Pesticides Cosmetic Pesticides
Don Atchison, Mayor
Yes Yes Yes Undecided* Undecided* Survey
Darren Hill, WARD 1
306-374-4455 | Email
Yes Yes Yes Yes Undecided Survey
Pat Lorje, WARD 2
Yes Yes Yes Yes Undecided Survey
Ann Iwanchuk, WARD 3
306-380-6870 | Email
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Survey
Troy Davies, WARD 4
Candidate has not returned the survey.
Randy Donauer, WARD 5
306-933-2628 | Email
Yes Undecided* Yes Undecided* Undecided* Survey
Charlie Clark, WARD 6
Yes Yes Yes Yes Undecided Survey
Marin Loewen, WARD 7
Yes Yes Yes Yes Undecided* Survey
Eric Olauson , WARD 8
306-229-7300 | Email
Yes No Yes No No Survey
Tiffany Paulsen, WARD 9
Yes Yes Yes Yes Undecided* Survey
Zach Jeffries, WARD 10
Candidate has not returned the survey.

Smoke-free outdoor spaces
Smoking in select outdoor spaces, such as parks and playgrounds, can be detrimental to both our health and the health of the environment. Read more...

Cosmetic Pesticides
There is serious concern about the use of non-essential or cosmetic pesticides on private and public spaces. Read more...


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