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Email is a great way to communicate your thoughts and opinions to candidates and they’re tracked by campaign staff. You may use the form letter provided below by copying and pasting it into your -mail program, or customize the letter with your own personal story. A personal message is always more effective. Make sure to request a response so that you know your voice has been heard.

Copy and paste the letter below into your email program. Be sure to customize the information in <brackets> before sending.

Dear <candidate name>,

On October 24, I am voting for health.

As a potential decision maker, will you be a champion for health by ensuring public health is a priority in Saskatchewan and by making a commitment to policies aimed at preventing cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with the disease?

I am writing to ask if you support policies that will:

Help fight the tobacco epidemic by supporting a bylaw that prohibits smoking in out places including parks, playgrounds and on outdoor patios of restaurants and bars. Second-hand tobacco smoke is extremely toxic. It contains over 4,000 chemicals including at least 50 known cancer-causing substances. Even outdoors second-hand tobacco smoke poses a health risk. Levels of tobacco smoke within half a meter of a single cigarette are comparable to indoor smoking levels depending on air conditions.

Phase out the sale and use of non-essential pesticides on private and public green spaces. Controlling the non-essential use of pesticides will drastically reduce public exposure to these harmful chemicals. As more becomes known about the adverse health effects of pesticides, our community can be proud for having taken precautionary steps now and helping to reduce cancer risks for future generations.

Thank you for making a commitment to a healthier Saskatchewan.

<your name>
<your address>
<your city, province, postal code>

Tobacco Control
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Tobacco Control

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Indoor Tanning
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Smoke-free outdoor spaces
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