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In your community

The global community - social media
Social media is a popular campaign tool. Like the candidate’s own website, they will often have Facebook pages that allow for wall posts, discussions and sharing links. This is another great space to ask specific questions and prompt the candidate to respond publicly.

Twitter provides another opportunity to question the candidate on their position. Find a candidate’s Twitter ID and pose a question by posting “@” before the candidate’s Twitter ID (e.g. @JoinTheFight_sk). These questions must be in short form, as Twitter is limited to 140 characters. Join the conversation on twitter, using#vote4health.

Spread the word
Our collective voice will make all the difference in the fight against cancer. Help bring even more voices to the fight. Invite your friends to join us in speaking out for public policies that will improve the health and quality of life of the people in the province of Saskatchewan. Sign up for our e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook and invite your friends to do the same.

In your community
Become a champion of health in your own community by finding your own way to fight back and create a healthier Saskatchewan.

  • Be a champion and refrain from using chemicals on your lawn – post a 'pesticide free sign'
  • Ask your school board if they use herbicides on your school grounds.
  • Ask your favorite restaurant if they would consider moving smoking from the outdoor patio away from the building so everyone can enjoy the spaces free of second-hand smoke.


Tell us how you are engaging your local government officials.

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Share with your community how you are joining the fight.

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